No2 Maximus Ingredients – Effective or Not?

by on May 26, 2014

No2 Maximus ingredientsWhen it comes to the No2 Maximus ingredients this is not a supplement that are packed with ingredients that are added only to impress you in order to make you buy the product.

There are competing supplements out there that contain with far more ingredients that you will find in on the list of  No2 Maximus ingredients. But here we are not dealing with quantity. We are dealing with quality and the power to help you to build lean muscle mass.

Often these extra ingredients will be worthless when it comes to muscle building. They will make the capsules itself so big that they are hard to swallow and give less space for the ingredients that does matter. You will simply get a smaller dosage of the ingredients that will help you to build muscles.

This will result in a supplement with a higher price tag that will be less effective.

Let us take a closer look at the No2 Maximus ingredients that you will get in the following.

The No2 Maximus Ingredients

When it comes to the No2 Maximus ingredients you will here get a unique set of powerful ingredients. These are all pure and 100% all natural. They have been carefully selected because they have been proven to work and able to help you to build as much muscle mass as possible.

In the following we are going to take a closer look at the most important ones.

L-Arginine HCL and L-Arginine

L-Arginine HCL is a non essential amino acid that does exist in the food you are eating. Here it is a part of the chain of amino acids that forms the protein molecule. But if you really want to get the power out of L-Arginine you need it in a higher dosage than regular food can give you.

L-Arginine is the most important of the No2 Maximus ingredients. It will help you to increase your nitric oxide levels. This will expand your blood vessels and improve your blood flow so more nutrients will be entering your muscles. Here the nutrients are needed for recovery and to build new muscle mass.

With L-Arginine is like regulating the amount of nutrients you want your muscles to have. When you want to have bigger muscles it is obvious that you want as much nutrients into your muscles as possible. This is why you need L-Arginine.

Alpha Ketoglutarate or AKG Powder

You may have heard about Alpha Ketoglutarate as AKG powder. This is a very effective No2 Maximus ingredients when you want to improve your nitric oxide levels. Also it will improve the protein synthesis. this is the process where the protein are being taken up in the muscles. With AKG powder you will be able to increase the effectiveness of the proteins you are getting from your diet so more will be available for muscle building.

AKG powder will also improve your athletic performance and endurance. This is very beneficial for fighters and other athletes where endurance is an important part of the sport.

AkG Powder will work as a nitrogen transporter. Here it will inject nitrogen straight into the muscles and help in the build up of new muscle tissue and strength.

Citruline Malate

First of all Citruline Malate will increase the effectiveness of all the other No2 Maximus ingredients. This will make them much more powerful in the build up of new lean muscle.

Next, it will also help to regulate your nitric oxide production and lower the amount of the waste product called ammonia. This flows in your body during a work out and will increase when you are lifting weights.

You can always feel when you production of ammonia increases. This is when you are doing a set and your muscles starts to hurt because of the lifting and it becomes more difficult to finish the set.

Citrus Malate will help you to lower this pain and you will be able to lift more because reduced amounts of ammonia will be released.

Learn More About No2 Maximus

One thing is to learn about the No2 Maximus ingredients and what they can do for you. Another thing is to learn more about No2 Maximus and what benefits you will get.

Can No2 Maximus really help you to pack on that much lean muscle mass?

Check out our article No2 Maximus – Build Lean Muscle, Strength and Endurance and learn much more.

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